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Are root canals something to be avoided? Well, if a root canal is needed, then you help yourself more by not avoiding it. If you constantly feel discomfort in a tooth, then this treatment may be the solution that brings you relief.

One possible reason for discomfort in one or more of your teeth could be an infection inside of the tooth, particularly in the pulp and the nerves. When this happens, it can cause some discomfort that may not go away.

Root canal treatments are designed to remove the pulp and nerves that were affected. The pulp and nerves cannot be saved at this stage, but taking them out can remove the infection and save the rest of the tooth from further harm. Once done, the discomfort should go away, helping you to feel at ease once again.

We can also prevent any discomfort that the procedure itself may otherwise cause. We apply a local anesthetic, which can numb the specific areas that need to be treated. With this, you can rest easy while we deal with the problem.

If you live near Aberdeen, South Dakota, and discomfort in your teeth is bothering you, we invite you to visit Dr. Joe Rigg. He can examine the issue and find the treatment that can remove the discomfort. You can schedule a visit with us by calling 605-225-2050.