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Do you put forth the maximum effort into your tooth brushing routine? As an oral health habit that is done on a daily basis, it is important to try to continue your quest to brushing perfection. The better your brushing skills, the less risk there is of tooth decay and gum disease occurring in your mouth. Listed below are some tips and tricks to top-notch tooth brushing:

– Always brush your teeth at least twice per day.
– Due to the abrasiveness of toothpaste, try to avoid brushing your teeth right after eating, as your teeth may be extra sensitive during this period.
– Always store your toothbrush in a safe and secure area both upright and with proper ventilation.
– Never share or cross contaminate your brushes with others.
– If your toothbrush is worn down, replace it. Normal toothbrushes last around 3-4 months.
– Use a brush with soft bristles that is large enough to easily clean and reach all areas of your mouth.
– If it is difficult to manually brush, try switching to an electric toothbrush.

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