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Zoom whitening is a tooth whitening procedure designed to bleach teeth and remove discolorations and stains. Specialized Zoom whitening procedures use a professional tooth whitening treatment in combination with a light source from a specialized lamp to accelerate the bleaching process to remove stains. Listed below are some of the common perks and facts about Zoom whitening:

– Even though Zoom whitening is highly effective, it will not prevent future stains from occurring. Exercise caution in the future around tooth-staining products.
– Zoom whitening can eradicate stains caused by coffee, sodas, wines, juices, teas, and many other substances that can stain or discolor teeth.
– Zoom whitening treatments typically only take 60 minutes, and can noticeably brighten and whiten your teeth on your very first visit.
– If you want further care for at-home treatments, your dentist can give you at-home kits to use to touch up blemishes and new stains that may need to be cared for.
– Zoom whitening is effective because it uses hydrogen peroxide to maneuver deep within teeth to bleach away stains and discolorations.

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