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Have you noticed that the tooth enamel on your child’s molars and premolars are riddled with deep pits on the biting surfaces? These contours are what allow the teeth to chew up the foods that your child eats. However, the grooves on the teeth can also collect plaque and food particles and put your child at risk of cavities, especially if your child struggles to properly brush their teeth or if these grooves are particularly deep.

If your child’s teeth are at risk of cavities, our dentist may recommend dental sealants to protect the back teeth from developing decay. These sealants are comprised of durable plastic resin and are painted onto the back teeth to form protective shells. Dental sealants are often provided as the last step of a regular dental checkup to ensure the teeth are clean and healthy.

Our dentist uses a special ultraviolet light to cure the dental sealants so that they are firmly sealed to the teeth. If food particles or plaque become trapped in the deep pits of the chewing surfaces now, any bacteria resulting from these particles can’t affect the tooth enamel itself. The durable material of the dental sealants will help them to last for several years and keep tooth decay at bay.

Because the dental sealants don’t cover all of the teeth or fully prevent cavities, it’s important that your child cleans their smile every day. Even with years of tooth brushing, your dental sealants can withstand daily use without wearing away.

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