If tooth decay or damage has become more severe, Dr. Joe Rigg, our caring dentist, may suggest a dental crown. Dental crowns in Aberdeen, South Dakota are custom-made caps that are placed over a damaged tooth, encasing it completely up to the gumline. At Joseph Rigg, DDS, dental crowns are most often used to:


  • Restore a tooth damaged by moderate to severe tooth decay
  • Prevent a weakened tooth from breaking apart
  • Hold a breaking tooth together
  • Anchor a dental bridge
  • Complete a dental implant


We are committed to providing you with the latest dental treatments, and we use CEREC® technology to make your dental crowns. CEREC allows us to design, create, and place a dental crown in just one visit to our dental office. Before permanently applying the dental crown over your tooth, the tooth generally needs to be reshaped to accommodate the size of the crown. When we make certain that the dental crown will fit perfectly with your smile, Dr. Joe Rigg will use a special dental cement to secure the crown in place. There are many benefits to dental crowns and we would love to share those benefits with you. For more information, please contact our dental office today. We look forward to improving the health of your smile!