ClearCorrect™ is a simple, nearly invisible way to straighten your smile. A modern alternative to traditional braces, ClearCorrect requires no metal wires, brackets, or tightening. Instead, the ClearCorrect system uses clear plastic aligners that fit snugly over your teeth to gently guide them into a more correct position. Our accomplished dentist, Dr. Joe Rigg, has the necessary training and certification to offer ClearCorrect in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Together with you, he will map out the entire alignment process, step by step. Along with molds of your teeth, this information is sent to ClearCorrect, where your custom-made aligners are created with 3D printing technology.


While your ClearCorrect aligners are removable, they should be worn all the time, except when eating or when you brush your teeth. Over the course of the treatment process, you will receive new phases of aligners, with each aligner gradually making a calculated shift in your smile. Because there are no wires or brackets to take care of, you will only need to visit Joseph Rigg, DDS when you receive new aligners and to periodically check how the aligning process is going. Especially useful for our adult patients who want to maintain a natural aesthetic while straightening their teeth, ClearCorrect is a great, comfortable option. To see if ClearCorrect is the best way to align your smile, schedule a consultation with our office today. We look forward to starting you on the road to a more beautiful, healthier smile!