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Getting dentures is an easy, cost-effective way to replace missing teeth. The process of getting dentures does not take a long time and in many cases, your dentures can be ready for you in one day. If you have never worn dentures, and in particular, if you have been living with missing teeth for a while, you will discover that dentures do require a period of adjustment.

You may experience some pain or pressure at the early stages of wearing your dentures. That is not unusual. However, if that pain or discomfort continues, you should ask your dentist to adjust your dentures. You may have to come back to see the dentist to have your dentures lined, and that is a good time to talk to him about adjusting your dentures.

Eating and speaking with your dentures will be a new experience for you. Until you are comfortable with your dentures, you should try cutting your food into small pieces to make it easier to chew. You also might try cutting some foods into long strips and chewing on both sides of your mouth. Be careful biting with the front teeth of your dentures, since that might dislocate them. Depending on the nature of your appliance, the front teeth may not be able to take repeated pressure.

You may find that you have trouble pronouncing certain words. If certain words are giving your trouble, practice pronouncing them or try saying them slower.

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